June 23, 2017: Friday News Roundup

Happy Pride Weekend! That’s what we’re gearing up for here in San Francisco, and lots of Udemy folks will surely be participating in Sunday’s big parade. Hope there’s something fun happening where you live too!

Want to Work for Jaguar Land Rover? Start Playing Phone Games
Sorry, they’re not talking about Candy Crush. Rather, the automotive giant wants applicants to download an app and solve engineering puzzles. This article explores how companies in all industries are devising novel recruitment schemes to evaluate the changing skills today’s jobs require.

Apple’s top music exec, the man behind Eminem and U2, wants you to stop believing your bullshit
Legendary music producer Jimmy Iovine has some good advice for everyone from the corner office to entry-level positions: Be humble. His leadership philosophy is all about surrounding yourself with smart people, learning from them, and not getting in their way. Also: don’t rest on your past laurels, which are no guarantee of future success.

People Will Like You More If You Ask Them Questions
Here’s some advice that will serve you well both at parties and at work, though it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Most of us, it turns out, default to talking about ourselves when conversation stalls, but if you want people to like you, it only stands to reason that you need to show you’re interested them.

In the AI Age, “Being Smart” Will Mean Something Completely Different
If you’ve been reading the roundup, you know technology is overtaking humans in many areas. What’s a lowly mortal to do? This author suggests we need to change our definition of “smart.” He goes on to explain, “The new smart will be determined not by what or how you know but by the quality of your thinking, listening, relating, collaborating, and learning.”

The Great British Bake Off guide to being a happier, calmer human being
The popular British import isn’t the only cooking show that demonstrates the joy and satisfaction people get when they immerse themselves completely in a process. This state of being is also called “flow,” and you don’t have to be in the kitchen to achieve it. You can lose yourself in gardening or swimming, for example, but it needs to be challenging if you’re going to become 100% engaged.