June 17, 2016: Friday News Roundup

Hope everyone had a great week. We’ve got a few awesome Udemy-related articles this week along with the usual news and ideas. It’s also Father’s Day weekend, and we’ll be sharing more on that topic a little later today…

4 leadership lessons every CEO can learn from Steve Kerr
Last night was rough for the Golden State Warriors and their quest to repeat as NBA champs, but how people respond to adversity is a critical factor in whether they ultimately reach success. At times like this, it helps to be able to turn to a strong, motivating coach. Read on to find out why CEO Dennis Yang  thinks Warriors coach Steve Kerr is a tremendous role model for business leaders too.

Engineers at ON24 click with Udemy online learning software
Udemy for Business is driving the consumerization of learning inside companies, transforming corporate training from dull and ineffective drudgery to being a robust, on-demand experience that more closely resembles how people like to consume content on their own. This article looks at how developers at webcasting tech company ON24 take Udemy courses to keep up with emerging technologies and how much more engaging Udemy’s platform is than previous training programs.

Meet the top 100 visionaries creating value for the world
We’re thrilled to be included in this list of “creators” from across multiple industries that “transcend the boundaries of capitalism and generate creative worth that challenges the idea of traditional business success.” Udemy’s mission has always been to help people around the world gain access to high-quality learning resources so they can build the lives they imagine. It’s gratifying to be recognized for this fundamental aspect of why we do what we do.

5 essential skills you need to keep your job in the next 10 years
More advice on growing your value to your employer so they keep you around! We liked that this article included lifelong learning as one essential skill, especially the part about keeping up with industry trends and observing day-to-day activities at work. You need to look beyond your own job function and current responsibilities to stay ahead of the curve.

Adult internships: A growing trend for career changers
This will remind you of the comedy “The Intern” that came out last year, starring Robert De Niro as an oldster joining a modern, millennial-driven workplace. Well, interns for seasoned adults are no punchline, it turns out. If you’re further along in your career and looking to make a change or had dropped out of the workforce and are trying to get back in, this author makes the case for seeking out an adult internship.