June 15, 2018: Friday News Roundup

Hope everyone’s had a fabulous week and stayed reasonably productive, despite the irresistible pull of FIFA World Cup football. We’re injecting some learning into this sports extravaganza by sharing an article in today’s roundup that will help make you a more informed spectator. Plus, some other goodies.

Next Year, People Will Spend More Time Online Than They Will Watching TV. That’s A First.
According to one measurement company, our planet will cross this milestone sooner than had been predicted. In 2019, people around the world will spend 170.6 minutes on online activities but only 170.3 minutes watching television. Not surprisingly, more advertising has already moved to the internet.

Citi Wants Analysts to Add Python to List of Languages on Resume
Parlez-vous Python? Investment bank analysts joining Citigroup will have to learn, if they aren’t already familiar with the pervasive programming language. Good news: Citi isn’t leaving these number-crunchers on their own to figure it out; the company is adding classes to its training program for employees.

What If We Killed The Job Interview?
Interviews aren’t the most effective way to assess a candidate’s true abilities, as it turns out. Lots of times, interviewers end up just going with their gut. This article suggests replacing interviews with “more predictive measures,” such as AI tools that “that scrape interview footage and translate what people say and do into predictive performance scores.”

The Most Honest Out-of-Office Message
What if, upon emailing someone away on vacation, their auto-response said your message would be deleted? That’s one radical approach to controlling the stress of returning to an overflowing inbox. This article will make you think long and hard about your relationship with email and your expectations of the people you communicate with.

9 Questions About The 2018 World Cup You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask
If you’re already a football/soccer aficionado, feel free to skip this one. For the rest of us, as promised at the top, this primer could spare you a lot of abuse at your next FIFA viewing party. TIL there’s an official World Cup song!!!