July 28, 2017: Friday News Roundup

We take it as a good omen that Udemy LIVE weekend is dawning with a thick cover of San Francisco fog. In just a few hours, we’ll welcome instructors from around the world to our office, and the real fun will begin. In the meantime, let’s see what’s happening in the world of work, skills, and personal development.

How to Build Resilience in Midlife
Everyone’s on board with raising kids to be resilient, but what if you’re way beyond childhood? It’s definitely not too late to build your own resilience, and, as this column suggests, you might be more inclined in that direction as you age anyway.

How to Handle Stress During a Job Interview
Stress can “keep us on our toes,” but you do need to know how to manage it. Job interviews, of course, are high-stakes conversations, so it’s understandable that we get stressed-out trying to make a good impression, remember all of our talking points, listen carefully to the other person, and respond to unexpected questions gracefully. Practice helps, but read on for solid advice on bouncing back from the dreaded brain freeze or clumsy answer.

Her Dilemma: Do I Let My Employer Microchip Me?
A company in Wisconsin that makes vending-machine software is asking its workers to have a small microchip implanted in their hands. It’s a convenience thing: imagine never having to carry keys, identification, or a wallet. Privacy remains a concern, but this could be a glimpse of the future for other workplaces.

Half of the High-Paying Jobs in America Now Require This Skill
If you guessed that the skill is programming, you are correct! This doesn’t mean all of those are engineering jobs, however. Rather, more roles in non-tech areas are requiring a proficiency in coding along with the other skills you’d expect.

The Only Manufacturing Skills Shortage That Matters
There’s been lots of analysis of the manufacturing skills gap, which has made it hard for employers to find workers qualified to perform in the modern, tech-driven manufacturing environment. And those who do have the skills needed today may not have the ones we’ll need tomorrow. The answer? Finding employees with “the willingness and ability to learn.”