July 1, 2016: Friday News Roundup

Happy early 4th of July to readers in the U.S., and a blessed Ramadan to our friends in Udemy’s Ankara office and everyone celebrating around the world. Let’s see what caught our eye this past week.

Udemy LIVE: It’s a wrap!
What a weekend that was! We’re all pretty thrilled with how our first event for Udemy instructors went off, and based on the feedback, our guests had a great time too. Many instructors commented that they left feeling really inspired to go create more and better courses. For our part, the Udemy team got a lot of valuable input on what we can do to help instructors succeed. Check out the epic blog post, which includes lots of photos and links to more goodies shared on social media.

Introducing the IT skills gap un-list
Writer Gary Beach has compiled a list of initiatives that CIOs—and their colleagues in HR—could and should be doing to build the tech talent their companies need. Top of the list: reskill current talent, and support mobility and job rotation. These are both great strategies for maximizing the team you already have and giving employees more opportunities to grow.

Billion-dollar brain-training industry a sham—nothing but placebo, study suggests
You’ve probably heard about these software tools that purport to exercise your brain and make you smarter. The promise is attractive to many, but this article suggests these products just don’t deliver.

How to get people to embrace technological change
This is kind of interesting—how do you balance the business goal of innovation and being able to offer “revolutionary” products with people’s natural resistance to change? With technology firmly in the mainstream, companies find themselves catering to hard-core geeks and clueless newbs at the same time.

How much do qualification matter for a job in tech, really
Here’s some advice for demonstrating your skills and keeping your tech career moving forward. As we’ve read elsewhere, this article suggests soft skills are a must-have. Techies should also approach their jobs by identifying the business problems they’re working to solve, not just knowing the code they need to write.

“The game is never over”
Legendary women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt passed away this week at the age of 64 after battling Alzheimer’s disease. Summitt was beloved by players and fans alike and admired for her brilliant combination of toughness and compassion. Read this inspiring letter she wrote to a freshman player on the eve of her first start. Summitt’s words will resonate with anyone getting ready to tackle a challenge—or just get through the day.