January 6, 2017: Friday news roundup

Before we dive into the first roundup of 2017, we want to remind you to check out our friends over at the Udemy for Business blog! They’re posting juicy content like these tips for updating your personal brand from the chief networking officer of Fireball Network. So, read the news here, then head over there for more.

If you want to get promoted, say so
Following up on last week’s articles about asking for a raise, including the one by Udemy VP of People Lisa Haugh, we have advice for getting promoted. The common thread is that you shouldn’t wait around for someone to make the offer. It’s up to you to go for what’s yours: a higher salary, a better title, more valuable skills.

Most computer science majors in the U.S. are men. Not so at Harvey Mudd
This story turns a typical narrative on its head: the trend of women losing their early interest in tech or never being attracted to STEM subjects in the first place. Harvey Mudd College is attracting and keeping more women in computer science now that they’ve tweaked the way it’s taught.

The best time to retune your career? It’s probably right now
It’s the first week of January so you might still be polishing your goals for the year. Here, you’ll also find advice for getting a raise or a new job as well as suggestions for improving your satisfaction in a current job.

What employers will worry about in 2017
Workers aren’t the only ones wondering what the new year will bring. Employers have a lot on their plates too, from improving benefits to offering better career paths. Another thing high on the list, as we already know, is providing learning opportunities. In our Workplace Boredom report, cited in this article, we heard from disengaged employees who’d love to pick up new skills to break out of their rut.

The complete guide to noise-canceling in open offices and other hectic spaces
Finally, if you’re trying to hit the ground running but can’t get away from noise and distractions, check out these recommended tools. Beyond the obvious noise-canceling headphones, various websites stream random background audio to mask intrusive sounds (your editor’s pick is Noisli) or you can follow the other suggestions for improving your environment to keep you focused.