January 5, 2018: Friday News Roundup

We’re already a few days in, but happy belated New Year anyway! We’re looking forward to sharing more food for thought in 2018 to keep you curious, informed, motivated, and moving ahead in your work and life.

Why Flexibility Is the Key to Reaching Your Goals
New Year’s always brings lots of punditry around resolution-making. This one’s about why it’s so important to give yourself a little leeway as you strive to tackle big goals. Just as “cheat days” can help you stick to a diet over time, so-called “emergency reserves” can keep you on track professionally too.

Centuries Before Myers-Briggs, Workplace Personalities Were Assessed Using Skull Measurements
Personality tests have been largely dismissed as bunk by researchers, despite any entertainment value they provide to quiz-takers. Still, many organizations and leaders continue to roll them out. Humanity has been trying to study and categorize people this way for eons, in fact.

Google’s CEO Doesn’t Use Bullet Points and Neither Should You
Here’s a worthy New Year’s resolution: to give simpler, more engaging presentations. You could do worse than to follow the example of Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who favors a storytelling approach that’s “a bolder, fresher style—less text heavy and more visual.”

Desperate To Quit Your Job? Read This First.
If you’re thinking of ditching your job in 2018, author Simon Sinek suggests you ask yourself a few questions before acting precipitously. Make sure you’ve really considered every other option and, if saying sayonara is still the only recourse, Sinek has advice for doing that right too.

The Best Time Of Day — And Year — To Work Most Effectively
We wrap up 2018’s first news roundup with more great advice for being your most productive, effective self this year, and it comes from Udemy friend and instructor Daniel Pink (remember when he joined us virtually at Udemy LIVE?). According to Pink, who’s out with a new book on the topic, knowing your “chronotype” will help you configure your day for maximum productivity.