January 25, 2019: Friday News Roundup

Happy Friday to all. This week’s roundup brings you the dark side of shorter work weeks, relief from email overload, the latest in self-flying planes, and fitness tips to boost your work day.

‘It Isn’t Nirvana’: How Four Founders Managed A Four-Day Workweek
A shorter work week sounds like a viable idea in this era of remote employees, flex schedules, and hellish commutes. Here in the U.S., however, numerous challenges make it unlikely we’ll see widespread adoption of the four-day work week. Read on to find out how the experiment played out for a few companies.

How to Spend Way Less Time on Email Every Day
Whether you work four days per week or not, you’re probably contending with a steady flow of emails, and if you don’t stay on top of it, you risk getting buried. On the other hand, reading and responding to email can take over your life and prevent you from getting anything else done. This article offers advice to strike the right balance.

Boeing’s Pilotless Vehicle Flies For First Time
Here’s a win for anyone excited about a future filled with autonomous vehicles. Boeing’s “passenger air vehicle” looks kind of like a giant drone that humans can ride in. For now, it can fly on its own for 50 miles, but developers obviously have larger ambitions, including a version that could carry 500 pounds of cargo.

How to Exercise During the Workday (and Why It’s Important)
We all know we should get regular physical activity, but we’d guess most people squeeze their workouts in before or after work. This article suggests you might derive even greater benefits by using your lunch break for exercise. As one trainer explains, it “gives you a mid-day sense of accomplishment which can last for the remainder of the day.”