January 22, 2016: Friday news roundup

How was your week? Things are busy as usual over here at Udemy HQ, but there’s always time for some thought-provoking articles.

Can we talk? A real conversation about performance management
In case you didn’t see it on the Udemy blog, check out this LinkedIn Pulse post by our own VP of People, Lisa Haugh. She explains the philosophy behind our continuous performance management process — aka, the Udemy Conversation — and how it makes better sense and yields better results than an old-fashioned, once-a-year grilling session.

Key ingredient all startups need to attract & retain top talent
One of Udemy’s investors, Sergio Monsalve, shares his perspective on why mission-driven startups have more success attracting and retaining employees. He cites Udemy as an example, describing our mission to help people worldwide build the lives they imagine for themselves through learning. Powerful stuff!

Why an ex-Google coder makes twice as much freelancing
Speaking of retaining top talent, this piece is certainly food for thought. It’s about skilled programmers who’ve left full-time jobs at large companies and are now hot commodities on the freelance market. Along with generous compensation, these coders say they prefer the autonomy, flexibility, and reduced bureaucracy of working as independents.

7 tips to build a business while working a day job
Lots of Udemy students aspire to start their own businesses. Until they get there, however, most are still relying on a paycheck. While it’s understandable that you’d lose enthusiasm for your day job while dreaming of an entrepreneurial future, this article offers some suggestions for staying grounded.

“1996: In gamble, newspapers push into on-line publishing”
Let’s end on a fun note with this look back at how, when, and why the NY Times launched its digital edition back in the mid-90s. The Internet was still mysterious and unfamiliar to most of the public then, but the smart folks at the Times knew they needed to establish a foothold early. Today, of course, the news organization is recognized as a leader in delivering innovative and informative digital experiences.