January 13, 2017: Friday news roundup

It’s Friday the 13th, so watch your step today. We have no superstitions about reading the news so the roundup is here for you as usual.

One third of Americans prefer a software robot over a human boss
Yikes, what are these people thinking? Well, it’s not that they love robots. More likely they just have lousy bosses. Respondents who stated a preference for AI supervision think the tech would be more ethical and trustworthy. Maybe those bosses just need to work on their soft skills?

18 trailblazing women share the best advice they received
Soak up these pearls of wisdom from accomplished African-American women across a broad range of industries. A lot of their advice boils down to putting fears and doubts aside and just going for what you want.

The top in-demand workforce skills for 2017
This week’s Udemy shout-out is a reference to the Udemy for Business Learning Index Report, which examines the skills careerists should be maintaining in order to keep on an upward path. These include soft skills for managers in rapidly changing workplaces and virtual reality.

Research: Performing a ritual before a stressful task improves performance
This one isn’t just another flavor of superstition; science backs up the quirky routines some athletes perform before stepping to the plate or squaring up for a free throw. The same thing works for regular folks too. Check out this article before you stand up for your next presentation or sit down for a tough exam.  

How people learn to become resilient
Anyone who’s a regular roundup reader knows we love anything that delves into the mysteries of how our brains process and respond to external events. What makes one person bounce back from a failure while another spirals into despair? This article looks at research into how childhood environments shape resilience and also how that resilience can change over time.