February 9, 2018: Friday News Roundup

Who’s watching the Olympics this weekend? Olympic athletes are like Udemy students: always striving to get better and better through hard work and practice. To get you in the spirit, this week’s roundup includes a tour of some cool technologies that’ll be in use in PyeongChang.

7 Common Misconceptions Young People Have About Entrepreneurship
If you’re just starting out in your career and dreaming of launching your own business one day, we salute you! Just don’t expect it to be glamorous or straightforward. And if you think you can skip school and be just like Mark Zuckerberg anyway, the odds are against you.

4 Self-Improvement Myths That May Be Holding You Back
While the personal development field may be a lucrative one for life coaches, their advice doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny, which is why many people who buy one self-help book end up buying a whole batch in their ongoing search for answers. Read on for the 4 myths you should be wary of.

Electrical Brain Stimulation Might Help You Be Less Forgetful, New Study Suggests
Could zapping very specific parts of the brain help people remember things? In a study at the University of Pennsylvania, electrodes were implanted in the brains of epilepsy patients, who were then asked to memorize lists of words. When scientists stimulated their lateral temporal cortex, they saw a 15 percent improvement in patients’ memory.

Spacex Launches Its Powerful Falcon Heavy Rocket For The First Time
Elon Musk may not be an Olympian, but his company Space X pulled off a gold-medal feat this week. As this article reports, “the Falcon Heavy rocket took off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, and soared to space, carrying its payload — CEO Elon Musk’s red Tesla Roadster — into an orbit that stretches into the asteroid belt.” Later, two rocket cores touched down back on Earth in perfect unison. It was a beautiful and awe-inspiring achievement.

The Coolest Tech Innovations You’ll See At South Korea’s 2018 Winter Olympics
Talking robots at the airport. Self-driving buses between Olympic venues. Amazing high-definition video coverage. These are just a few of the cool technologies South Korea will be proud to show the world as they host the 2018 Winter Olympics. We’re looking forward, in particular, to viewing some events from the perspective of athletes’ wearing helmet-mounted cameras.