February 24, 2017: Friday news roundup

Happy Friday, everyone! Get your weekly dose of ideas and inspiration here.

6 Tips for Keeping Your Team Focused When the News Won’t Stop
We’re all feeling this: the constant flow of hard-to-ignore news stories sending ripples through our social media channels and daily lives. Here, our VP of People Lisa Haugh shares some effective strategies for companies to keep employees productive.

Why Self-Improvement Should Be a Group Activity
The image accompanying this article is a bit of a puzzler, but the advice within is worth heeding. It’s always helpful to have a team keeping you motivated and on track as you stretch to achieve your goals.

CUBAN: Don’t go to school for finance — liberal arts is the future
English majors, rejoice! At least if you accept what billionaire investor Mark Cuban has to say. He shares our belief that, as more jobs and industries become automated, those with strong soft skills will be in demand by employers who need people who can be creative and thoughtful.

Xerxes and Reed Hastings walk into a bar…
The rise and fall and subsequent comeback of Netflix is oft-told story: CEO Reed Hastings changed the service’s pricing and customers fled. Today, however, Netflix is a powerhouse again. This author isn’t alone in attributing the amazing rebound to Hastings’s admission of “…arrogance based on past success,” something the ancient Persian king Xerxes had in spades. Just as we all need to learn from mistakes, we can’t let past success blind us either.

A passion for finding talent
Finally, as we head into Oscar weekend, enjoy this short film about longtime talent agent Philip Carlson, who’s worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. It’s interesting to compare his job to how the rest of us look for work in our industries. In both cases, it helps to be able to describe your skill set in a pithy way that recruiters will understand.