February 23, 2018: Friday News Roundup

Does the arrival of the weekend mean you can take a break from hustling or has the hustling just begun? Take a moment to read about the evolution of the side hustle and more in this week’s roundup.

How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Side Hustle
We’re all pretty familiar with the concept of having a side hustle. Indeed, that’s what Udemy is for many instructors (and it’s a full-time gig for others!). But the term “hustle” hasn’t always had positive connotations, and being called a hustler wasn’t necessarily a compliment.  

What Science Says About Quitting While You’re Ahead
It feels so good to achieve a personal best! But then there’s a temptation to take a break and coast awhile, perhaps fearing you won’t be able to perform as well when you attempt to conquer the next challenge. Researchers in this article suggest we should do just the opposite: keep going while you have that winning momentum.

How to Increase Your Influence at Work
If you’re looking to have an impact in your organization, you’re going to have to win over colleagues so they become champions of your ideas too. To succeed at this, you’ll need to lay some groundwork first—by making connections, listening to people, developing self-awareness, and thinking strategically.  

Hate Your Job? So Did Swimmer Natalie Coughlin Before She Won 12 Olympic Medals
There’s still time for us to include some Olympics news in the roundup! American Natalie Coughlin, who competed and won medals at three past Olympic Games, shares how she overcomes setbacks and how a growth mindset helps her continue to improve.

A Self-Taught Astronomer Spotted Something No Scientist Had Ever Seen
We’ve always believed in the potential of people who learn on their own, so we’re thrilled to see this story about a self-taught enthusiast who outdid the formally schooled professionals. A locksmith by day, Argentinian Victor Buso has made a name for himself by being the first human to witness the birth of a supernova.