February 2, 2018: Friday News Roundup

And the news rolls on… Today, we’ve got thoughts on the mindset that’s more valuable than emotional intelligence, why we forget what we read, and career advice for joining a startup or getting a promotion. Plus: the future of work includes the future of office chairs!

Screw Emotional Intelligence–Here’s The Key To The Future Of Work
If you follow the news roundup, you’ve read about emotional intelligence and why it’s a critical complement to general intelligence. But maybe that’s not enough in a world where jobs and skills change so fast. Instead, your “adaptability quotient” might be “the primary predictor of success.”

Why We Forget Most of the Books We Read
Oh, this is frustrating! We fill ourselves up with books and movies only to have them slip from our brains, and the internet is making this “forgetting curve” worse. With tools like Google at our fingertips, “the ability to spontaneously call information up in your mind has become less necessary.” Instead, we need to work on our recognition memory: recalling where information is located and how to access it.

Read This Before Joining as Employee 1 to 20 at a Startup
Startups are thrilling, terrifying, frustrating, rewarding, unpredictable, and everything in between. So, how do you know if you’re cut out for startup life or if you’re joining a good one? In this article, a startup veteran distills the early-employee experience and explains why you need to be adept at two key things: “ruthless prioritization and high-return troubleshooting.”

How to Ask For a Promotion
It’s not quite as simple as “ask and you shall receive.” You need a game plan, so you go in to make your request feeling prepared and confident. There’s great advice in here for building your case, choosing the right time, and being patient.

This Could Be The Next Great Office Chair
The Herman Miller Aeron chair, considered the ne plus ultra of comfort and function for people who work endless hours, has dominated Silicon Valley and its satellites for many years. But is this truly iconic piece of office furniture about to be unseated?