February 17, 2017: Friday news roundup

Welcome to the weekend, folks. Read on for news about trends in remote work, turning the workplace into a VR playground, and people who’ve made big career pivots later in life.

How workforces can prepare for software stealing our jobs
Shouldn’t come as a surprise that this article resonated with us, considering it was written by a Udemy investor. He posits that, “we do not have an unemployment problem; we have a jobs mismatch challenge.” And we like his suggested solution: education as a mandatory company benefit.

Out of the office: More people are working remotely, survey finds
Are you reading this at home in your pajamas? If so, you’re not alone. Gallup released its annual “State of the American Workplace” report, which is full of fascinating factoids. Among the findings is a rise in remote work, with 43 percent of respondents saying they spend at least some time working from home.

Letting loose in your cubicle
Would you like to experience working life as if it were a game? Now you can, with the release of “Job Simulator,” a new VR game that transports players to “a future where robots educate people about four jobs common in the 21st century—office worker, mechanic, store clerk and chef.”

4 reasons online learning works well for working adults
To this article we say, of course it does! We know first-hand—from talking to students of all ages from around the world—how online courses make it possible for busy adults to pursue continuous learning.

The career pivot is the ultimate test of self-reinvention
We wrap up this week’s news with some inspiration. Anyone who’s considered making a radical career switch feels trepidation, but the individuals profiled here took the leap, despite being well into middle age. Turns out the rapid pace of change happening in today’s workplace is actually an enabler for those who’d like to make a career pivot because we’re ALL having to reinvent ourselves.