December 30, 2016: Friday news roundup

Here it is: the final news roundup of 2016. We’ve followed countless interesting and provocative discussions about the future of work, the threats and opportunities presented by automation, the value of lifelong learning, the ongoing struggles to achieve diversity, the evolution of corporate training, and so many other important topics we’ll continue to explore in 2017.

We’ve got thoughtful articles on some of those topics today, but we’ll try to keep it light as we go into the holiday weekend with some awesome Udemy coverage too. All the best to everyone for a safe, peaceful, and rewarding 2017—may your new year be full of learning!

Corporate training gets an upgrade for the Facebook generation
We’ve been saying it for a while here—to be effective, corporate L&D needs to adopt elements of the digital content experience people enjoy when consuming entertainment in their free time. This article looks at two Udemy for Business customers, Walmart and PayPal, to see how these organizations deliver learning content in the moment that empowers employees and helps them perform.

The self-driving, Theil-tastic, botnet crazy tech year of 2016
In looking back on the wild and wacky year that was, USA Today gets a quote from Udemy CEO Dennis Yang talking about the rapid rise of workplace automation, what it means for job prospects, and how the Trump administration could help or hinder the tech industry’s continued growth.

Silicon Valley’s least favorite word
It’s diversity, and this columnist’s experience discussing it with tech investors and executives was not encouraging. There are still many emotions swirling around this topic that have nothing to do with running a successful business, and too many execs still view the issue as a nuisance. Even the tech companies that appear to be working on diversity may be fudging their numbers and missing the bigger point.

About to ask for a raise? Listen to these three songs first
So, Lisa Haugh, our VP of People, wrote an article recently with some awesome tips for those who resolve to get paid more in the new year. Her advice did not, however, include pump-up music. But now you’ll know what songs will get you in the right frame of mind to go get yours.

Creative until you die
We lost too many brilliant, talented, creative people in 2016, and many of them were still in their prime. As an antidote, read about nine living legends who’ve been masters of their games for decades and are still going strong in their 80s and 90s, including Dick Van Dyke, Carl Reiner, and Betty White. They aren’t just role models for staying engaged, curious, and creative throughout your entire life; they’re examples of pushing past setbacks and never being afraid to try.