December 11, 2015: Friday news roundup

TGIF! Are you hitting the stores during this next-to-last shopping weekend before Christmas or getting all your gifts online? Either way, the clock is ticking. Here’s today’s roundup, featuring some exciting relocation news.

Movin’ on up: Udemy settles into a new home
Check out this blog post with photos of our new headquarters! As you’ll see, we’ve got lots more room here and are settling in nicely. 

MOOC providers bringing an innovative approach to corporate education
Darren Shimkus, general manager and VP of Udemy for Business, talks about why it’s more important than ever for companies to foster a culture of continuous learning and bring their training programs into the digital age.

Tim Cook crashes coding party, calls for fundamental changes in education
The Apple CEO made a surprise visit to an Apple store in New York City and went unrecognized by the elementary students who were absorbed with their iPads during an Hour of Code event. While there, Cook shared some thoughts on improving K-12 education, saying, “The classroom of the future is problem-solving and creating and learning how to express yourself.” Speaking of the Hour of Code, here’s a friendly reminder that Udemy’s offering a bunch of coding courses for free through December 13!

Is ageism in tech an under-the-radar diversity issue?
Tech companies, in particular, have taken heat for their lack of gender and racial diversity and the consensus seems to be they aren’t making much progress fixing it either. Now, add age inequality to the list of personal attributes that’s wildly skewed in one direction. According to data from PayScale cited in this article, “the average age of an employee at the top technology employers is around 29.”

Marriott will remove desks from all hotel rooms “because millennials”
Let’s wrap up on a lighter note. So, the big hotel chain is taking desks out of guest rooms because millennials prefer kicking back on a couch, and a few older folks have gone online to express outrage. What do you think — would you be dismayed not to find a desk in your hotel room?