August 4, 2017: Friday News Roundup

We flipped the calendar this week, but it’s still hard to believe it’s already August! Today’s roundup features advice for unplugging during vacation and softening the sting when you return to work, a look at unexpected career switches, and news about a seriously successful Udemy instructor.

What to Do Before a Vacation to Make Sure Coming Back to Work Isn’t Pure Agony
We understand what those days leading up to a much-needed vacation are like. You just want to activate your “out of office” email response, shut down the laptop, and hit the road. Before you run for the exit, however, read these excellent tips for making the return to reality far less painful when your vacation’s over.

3 Ways to Control Your Phone Addiction On Vacation
You’ve been looking forward to vacation for months; don’t mess it up by spending it glued to a smartphone! Make sure you get the full, restorative benefits of your time off by setting boundaries and sticking to them.

Tired of the Corporate Grind? A Welder’s Torch May Be Your Ticket
Believe it or not, not everyone wants to be a programmer and work in tech. In fact, some people would rather quit the office for a blue-collar job that pays less but offers better work-life balance and less stress. Read about a CFO who now repairs refrigerators and others who’ve left the fast track behind for what they consider better quality of life.

Why We Shouldn’t Think About College As A Business
Given the astronomical cost of a four-year university, it makes sense to see higher education as an investment, not a “public good.” According to some in this article, the romantic idea of college as a place to “indulge curiosities and learn for the sake of learning” is outdated. On the other hand, treating college purely as a means to an end may push students to specialize before they’re ready.

Aussie Brothers Raise $9m For Training Startup A Cloud Guru After Less Than Two Years
We couldn’t be happier for Udemy instructor Ryan Kroonenberg and his brother for attracting VC investment in their business. It’s just another example of how teaching online can grow into much, much more than a mere side hustle. Congratulations, Ryan!