August 31, 2018: Friday News Roundup

We’re coming up on a long weekend here in the U.S. It’s the symbolic end of summer and return to school. Of course, we know roundup readers spent all summer learning and teaching anyway, so it’ll be an easy transition.

Emailing On Your Commute? That’s Work, A New Study Says
Especially here in the Bay Area, where people literally spend hours each day getting to and from work, it’s a huge advantage to be able to use that time productively. Some British researchers found lots of people rely on their commutes to get work done, further blurring the line between personal and professional time.

How to Work Remotely—In an Exotic New City Each Month
If your idea of working remotely is the coffee shop down the street, you really need to up your game. A bunch of new companies have emerged to enable those with wanderlust to see the world while keeping their jobs.

Assessment: How Productive Are You?
Who doesn’t love an online quiz??? This one won’t tell you which Netflix character you are, but the results may still be enlightening. Answer honestly about your daily habits, email usage, and work-life balance, and find out whether you’re managing your time effectively or have room for improvement.

Distracted? Work Harder!
If you scored low on the quiz above because you can’t block out the interruptions and distractions in your workplace, maybe your work just isn’t complicated enough. As this writer says, “We get bored when our skills greatly exceed the demands of our work… And we feel anxious when the demands of a task exceed our skills.” Knowing your sweet spot will help you focus and stay engaged.

For $450, This Japanese Company Will Quit Your Job For You
If you are so ready to ditch your job but just can’t handle quitting in person, you can outsource that “soul-crushing hassle” to a new “retirement agency” called Exit. Even in Japan, the idea of being loyal to an employer for life is fading away, and people are switching jobs more frequently. You’ll still need to give two weeks’ notice.