August 21, 2015: Friday news roundup

This was a big week for kids to head back to school (here in the Bay Area, at least). Of course, at Udemy school’s always in session, and we’re always scouring the news to bring you the latest interesting tidbits about learning, working, and getting ahead in your career.  

This Google exec’s success shows how it pays off to invest in talent

Google’s always sparking conversation over its philosophies for screening and hiring new employees, but this article looks at how the tech giant cultivates inside talent. Specifically, senior VP Sundar Pichai is singled out for his skills around “good old-fashioned team building.”

The gig economy is real if you know where to look

This article is a counterpoint to those who claim the “sharing” or “gig” economy is having a deleterious effect on overall employment rates by forcing people to work multiple part-time jobs. Here, using Uber and Airbnb activity in San Francisco, the author presents research that payroll jobs have not, in fact, dropped in the city’s taxi and hotel industry over the same period.

How to inspire creativity and lifelong learning in everyone

Tim Brown, the CEO of iconic design firm IDEO, knows a thing or two about creativity, innovation, and trying new things. He encourages people seeking new challenges to leverage the new crop of online education providers to fit lifelong learning into their busy schedules.

3 reasons millennials are getting fired

Another day, another opinion about millennials — why they’re great or terrible or saving the world or ruining the workplace. This columnist, as the headline suggests, has an axe to grind over millennials’ work ethic and lack of self-sufficiency. Draw your own conclusions.

First Ankara Big Data Meetup

Let’s round things out with kudos for our Udemy team in Turkey, who hosted an event about data science and data engineering. The turnout was fantastic, with 120 “data nerds” in attendance to hear SF-based Udemy employees Keeyong Han and Larry Wai share their expertise and insights. We hear the food was pretty good too. Shout-out to Abdullah Cetin Cavdar for organizing!