April 5, 2019: Friday News Roundup

Happy Friday to all! We hope this week’s stories will help put you in a positive mindset, so you can let go of perfectionism and use criticism to your advantage. Of course, we’ve also got stuff about how technology is reshaping our world, from “algoraves” to unfunny robots.

DJs Of The Future Don’t Spin Records—They Write Code
Welcome to the world of live-coding parties, aka algoraves, where DJs “use computers to play music in a wholly different way, and to make all new sounds.” Attendees watch big screens as code controls software algorithms, while the musician (programmer?) “synthesizes individual noises… then instructs the software to string those instrumental sounds together based on a set of predefined rules.”

The Psychological Power Of Stories We Tell Ourselves
If you’ve ever gotten a baby to eat by pretending the spoon was an airplane, you know the persuasive power of stories. The same psychology works on grown-ups; attitude and mindset play a major role in whether we achieve goals. For example, people who make it through Navy SEAL training aren’t necessarily the most muscular and fit. “The difference… is almost entirely explained by the ‘self talk’ the candidates give themselves when going through the training.”

How to Take Criticism Well
No one enjoys critical feedback, but we need that fuel to help us improve and grow. Rather than get defensive, we can learn to be resilient in the face of criticism and use it to take positive actions. It could be as simple as being mentally prepared, knowing that everyone faces criticism at some point.

How To Overcome Perfectionism In A Judgmental World
If you find yourself getting stuck on little details that get in the way of completing a project, you might be hung up on perfection. This article explains how “fear of mediocrity holds a lot of us back in our professional pursuits” and that “the key to getting stuff done is letting go of… the need to wow other people right out of the gate.”

No AI In Humor: R2-D2 Walks Into A Bar, Doesn’t Get The Joke
Automation might be capable of many things, but humor isn’t one of them. That’s mainly because they don’t really understand context, and “comedy thrives on things hovering close to a pattern and veering off just a bit to be funny and edgy.” So, if you’re looking for a career that isn’t likely to be taken over by robots, perhaps you should consider stand-up comedy! 😂