April 20, 2018: Friday News Roundup

Welcome to the weekend, Friday people! We are riding the high from finding out Udemy was named the #1 large company to work for in the Bay Area by two local publications! If that’s not exciting enough, we have stuff for you to read too.

The Resume Of The Future Will Tell Employers Who You Are, And Not Just What You’ve Done
Are you ready for the brave new world of job hunting? Here’s an article that makes a good argument for why the traditional resumé needs to retire. Companies are already experimenting with tools for assessing capabilities, and we may all soon be compiling a “digital dossier [that’s] uploaded to a global job-pairing engine that is sorting you, and billions of other job seekers, against millions of openings to find the perfect match.”

Robot Conquers One of the Hardest Human Tasks: Assembling Ikea Furniture
When you find out it took researchers in Singapore three long years to train a robot to put together an Ikea chair, you’ll feel much better about your own clumsy efforts. In fact, assembling furniture requires many skills we humans take for granted: “it requires perception, it requires you to plan a motion, it requires control between the robot and the environment, it requires transporting an object with two arms simultaneously.”

How to Respond When You’re Put on the Spot in a Meeting
For many of us, the thought of being called out unexpectedly in a meeting is enough to get our hearts pounding. But if you prepare and pay attention, it could turn into your shining moment. This author shares his tips for taking full advantage of the opportunity to make a positive impression.

Elon Musk’s Advice For When You’re Dragged Into Useless Meetings
But maybe the meeting you’re in isn’t a chance to shine; it’s just a big waste of time. Sure, no one’s going to give Elon Musk a hard time for bailing out of a meeting, but we mere mortals can still learn from his example. And you don’t even have to be a jerk about it.

Bitcoin: A Stock Photo Cryptocurrency Primer
The topic of cryptocurrency is unavoidable these days, whether we’re reading about people getting rich by investing in bitcoin or losing their shirts by investing in bitcoin. What sort of imagery can creative media people use to illustrate stories about a virtual currency? The answer: ridiculous, nonsensical stock photos.