April 12, 2019: Friday News Roundup

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend. We can already feel it. Kick things off with the roundup!

Chinese Scientists Have Put Human Brain Genes In Monkeys—and Yes, They May Be Smarter
As if we weren’t worried enough about artificial intelligence outsmarting us humans, now we’ve gotta watch our backs for genetically enhanced monkeys. In the end, “the modified monkeys did better on a memory test involving colors and block pictures, and their brains also took longer to develop—as those of human children do.”

The Case For Crying At Work
If you’ve ever broken down at the office, you’re not alone. Research cited in this article found that 45% of American workers have done the same. Still, it can create an awkward situation. Read on for some advice on what to say when a colleague cries at work as well as tips for handling your own tearful scene.

Can Artificial Intelligence Make The Hiring Process More Fair?
Listen (or read the transcript) to how one Swedish company hopes to screen job candidates using “an AI-powered recruitment robot.” This isn’t just about speeding up the process or reducing costs. Specifically, the company behind the robot hopes it can evaluate candidates without bias, and they’ve “sought to avoid any potential algorithm bias by ensuring a diverse group of recruiters and test candidates have been involved in training the robot.”

This Is the First-Ever Photo of a Black Hole
Albert Einstein theorized the existence of black holes a century ago, but no one had ever seen one until now. Click through to check it out, if you haven’t already. A 29-year-old woman is being credited with creating the “algorithm that assembled the one-of-a-kind picture,” so while you’re being awed by the mysteries of space, take some time to recognize postdoc researcher Katherine Bouman too!