2018 Employee Experience Research Report

Udemy’s back with another report on how employees are feeling about the world of work and their place in it. In response to our latest survey, employees overall rated their experience as positive, but some groups feel they receive less support and career development and others perceive age and gender biases.

We all know the workplace has evolved in many profound ways and continues to do so, but companies haven’t necessarily kept up with technological, societal, and cultural shifts.

The findings from our 2018 Employee Experience survey bear similarities to what’s happening in the U.S. economy at large: While the numbers look good at a high level, not every person, job, or industry is benefiting equally. Moreover, employees don’t always trust their coworkers when it comes to working remotely, and managers are a particular source of frustration for many.

For example:

  • 70% of men say their managers show interest in their career development, but only 55% of women do
  • 66% of men meet with their managers monthly or more, but only half of women do
  • 56% say people are promoted to management too quickly
  • 60% think their managers need manager training

Check out the full “Udemy In Depth: 2018 Employee Experience Report” to find out how different generations say about their workplace relationships and what training people think they and their colleagues need more of.