Meet Udemy’s 2018 Interns

Written by summer intern Jen Neary

Ahh, time sure does fly when you’re having fun. This summer, 12 students and recent graduates (myself included) were fortunate enough to intern at Udemy here in San Francisco. Although the internship came and went in the blink of an eye, we formed connections that will last well beyond this summer. After discussing our favorite things about Udemy (and half-jokingly deciding it’s “without question, the free food!”), we interns agreed it’s really the people who make working here so special. We’re grateful to Udemy for enhancing our lives and helping us learn.

Without further ado, meet Udemy’s summer 2018 interns!

Xiaoning Lyu – Business Development Intern

Having backpacked through 20+ countries in recent years, Xiaoning is no stranger to adventure, and moving to SF has been just another stop on her journey. After graduating from Minerva Schools at KGI in May, Xiaoning arrived here already loving SF’s culture and diverse people, “who are brave enough to be strong and vulnerable.” In her free time, Xiaoning works on her nonprofit art project Viva La Vida.



Jace Wade – Business Development Intern

Before heading off for his senior year at Brigham Young University, Jace has thoroughly enjoyed SF’s great food, lively culture, and being part of the tech scene this summer. Jace spent his internship working with the business development team, and his dream Udemy course would be on shoe design.



Sam Rosenthal – Employer Branding Intern

As a rising senior at the University of Southern California, Sam has taken the West Coast by storm. Interning in San Francisco for the second summer in a row, Sam hopes to move here upon graduation and continue working in tech. Believe it or not, Sam enjoys taking Muni to work! She loves the sense of independence she gets commuting with other professionals.


Omar El-Etr – UX Research Intern

With one year left at Bucknell University, Omar is confident he wants to continue pursuing a career in user experience research. His dream Udemy course would be called “Intermediate/Advanced UX Research Methods” or, better yet, “Cooking for Broke College Students.”  





Dion Dong – Business Development Intern

Heading into his fourth year at UC Berkeley, Dion is no stranger to San Francisco. He has a love-hate relationship with his morning BART rides. Although the rides are long, Dion appreciates getting to see the city come to life each morning. If he were to make a Udemy course, Dion would teach How to Make a Mean Taiwanese Minced Pork Rice and How to Make Some Pretty Decent Chinese Hand-pulled Noodles.


Joshua Metayer – Legal Intern

Josh has spent his summer working with our legal team. While he finds the work challenging, the people make all the difference. After this internship, he plans to finish up his last year at Santa Clara University School of Law, pass the CA Bar exam, and then bring Wakanda to life one case at a time!




Nick Pratt – Sales Intern – Udemy for Business

As a rising senior at UC Santa Barbara, Nick is seeking a full-time job as a sales/business development representative upon graduation. His favorite part about working at Udemy has been the opportunity to meet so many intelligent and ambitious people… and the abundance of avocados. In his free time, Nick has enjoyed exploring the different neighborhoods of San Francisco with his friends.




Elisha Gupta – SEO Intern – Udemy for Business

Elisha graduated last spring from California State, Fullerton, and plans to pursue a career in digital marketing after her Udemy internship. Either that or she’ll start working at a koala sanctuary in Australia, whichever works. Her dream Udemy course is one she would encourage her neighbors to take: “How to Parallel Park.” In her free time, Elisha enjoys going up to friendly strangers and petting their dogs.


Kenta Sakai – Business Development Intern  

Kenta completed his freshman year at UC Berkeley before spending the summer with Udemy, and he loves San Francisco because of the many opportunities to eat delicious food. While Kenta could certainly develop his own Udemy course on “How To Eat Your Way Through San Francisco Without Showing It,” he said he would teach a course on Japanese-to-English Translation.




Kevin Kuo – Community Intern

As a rising junior at University of Washington, Kevin spent the summer at Udemy helping expand our instructor community. This is Kevin’s second summer internship at Udemy, and he keeps coming back because he loves being surrounded by supportive, funny, and uplifting individuals. He also has enjoyed befriending his fellow interns. Kevin hopes to one day teach “Surviving College 101: Frugal Freshman Edition.”



Sophia Armstrong – Legal Intern
As a JD/MBA Candidate at the UC Davis, Sophia hopes to be licensed to practice law in the state of California by the end of 2020. She’s had quite the summer here in San Francisco. Outside of her internship with Udemy’s legal team, Sophia learned how to box and bake Tartine sourdough bread. If Sophia were to teach a course on Udemy, it would be “An Introduction to San Francisco’s Numerous & Diverse Neighborhoods.”



Jen Neary – Public Relations Intern

As a Clevelander who just graduated from Indiana University, I left my Midwestern bubble to move out to San Francisco for a change of pace and to get some exposure to the tech scene. I have been blown away by how vibrant San Francisco is, and I’ve spent the summer exploring neighborhoods and hope to call one of them home soon. Plus, if LeBron James is taking his talents from Cleveland to the West Coast, so am I.