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So you’re thinking about joining Udemy?


We’re growing extremely quickly, and we’re excited to speak with you. Before we connect, you might want to know a bit more about us, our mission, our culture, our philosophies, and our team.

So, without further ado…


To improve lives through learning.

We have millions students in 190+ countries learning in 60+ languages, everything from programming to design to photography to cake decorating and more.


We’re a growing team that’s focused on building a truly great culture. We try to live our values in the way we work and find people who share our ideals.

It all starts with the phrase –> LET’S GO!

Let’s go help 100 million people learn anything they can imagine. Let’s go get 100,000 instructors to share their knowledge with the world. Let’s go get 10,000 organizations to change the way their employees learn. Let’s go make it so anyone can improve their life through learning.

Our values are:

Take Ownership
Show Passion

Get Stuff Done
Open Up

Here’s a little bit on each:

1) Learn

Maybe it’s cliché for a company in education to say this, but our team loves to learn. We read books, we follow blogs, we go to conferences, we swap ideas with peers over coffee… and, of course, we take online courses.

We are our own customers (lifelong learners!), and that makes our work a whole lot more meaningful.

We also try to put our money where our mouth is by offering a $1,500 yearly ULearn credit every team member can use on conferences, seminars, bootcamps, certifications, books, and more.

If you’re not learning, speak up because we’re doing something wrong.

2) Empathize

We work hard to see everything through the eyes of our customers. It’s not easy (and we’re far from perfect), but we try to bake this customer-centric view into the way we operate. For example, we obsessively read the discussions in the Udemy Studio, our community group for instructors, and we often have customers (students, instructors, chief learning officers) in the office to hear about their pains (and joys!) with our product. Some of our team members even visit instructors when they travel home for the holidays.

3) Take Ownership

We’re incredibly goal-oriented. We have top-line goals as a company, we have team goals for the month (or sprint, if you’re an engineer), and each individual team member has goals.

We want folks who are excited about owning those goals and being accountable to the team. It’s not easy when we’re growing as fast as we are, but it’s challenging and it’s fun.

4) Innovate

We can’t achieve our highly aggressive growth goals if we don’t innovate. That’s not a nice-to-have; it’s an imperative, and it’s why we re-architected our entire technology platform from PHP to Python/Django, to cite just one example.

Innovation is misunderstood though. It’s not all blue-sky ideas. It’s also about making smart, small, rigorous, measured improvements to your business. It comes from staying in close contact with your customers and learning from the many wise companies that came before.

5) Show Passion

Take a course. Create a course. Explore Udemy for Business. Give us product feedback. Write into support. Recruit an expert to teach on Udemy. Don’t just tell us about your passion—show it!

This is the value that glues us all together. Our team is deeply committed to our mission and to the success of the students and instructors on Udemy.

Yes, we want folks who are amazing marketers, designers, coders, and salespeople, but even more importantly, we look for people who want to change the way the world learns.

6) Get Stuff Done

We’ll keep this one simple.

We are not pie-in-the-sky strategy people. We like folks who know how to roll up their sleeves and make it happen. Overthinking isn’t what got us to 15 million students; taking action is what did ?

7) Open Up

We speak our minds, and we’re very direct. We can’t be anything but ourselves. If you prefer to “allude” to things, this probably isn’t a good fit.

We are also very open communicators. We show it in ways big and small: the open floor plan of our office; the way people will take off their headphones and help if you have a question; the transparency around our company and team goals.

We like folks who get excited by that kind of openness.

8) (unofficial) Like to belt it out during karaoke ?


There are three philosophies that guide the choices we make and the marketplace we’re building.

1) Diversity is more important than consistency.

Every student is different, and every student learns differently. We could not possibly tell you the best way to learn or, for that matter, teach every subject.

Thus, instead of producing our own uniform set of courses, we are an open marketplace that empowers instructors to teach and teach differently.

2) Sustainable is more important than free.

You don’t help hundreds of millions of people overnight. You do it slowly, brick by brick, person by person.

We believe in a sustainable model built for the long term that makes teaching one of the most rewarding decisions any expert can make and can help hundreds of thousands of experts teach hundreds of millions of students.

3) Opportunity is more important than a guaranteed outcome.

We believe that providing access and opportunity to many is far more impactful than providing guarantees to a few.

We want to empower the self-motivated. If you’re looking for a quick fix or a guarantee, this isn’t the place for you. But if you’re willing to work hard and reach high, Udemy can help you learn almost anything you need to get there.


We’re an incredibly diverse team, with half of us born outside of the U.S. We represent a huge array of cultures and backgrounds and have offices in San Francisco, Dublin, São Paulo, and Ankara,Turkey.

We believe our team should look like the international community of students and instructors we’re here to help. Head over to our About Us page, our LinkedIn profile, or our Glassdoor profile to say hi!