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Partnering With Naspers To Expand Our Global Reach

With two-thirds of our students and over half of our instructors located outside the U.S., Udemy has made huge strides in opening access to learning and teaching opportunities worldwide. However, we are just at the beginning of realizing the full impact of online learning. That’s why I’m delighted to welcome a new investment partner that will help us bring Udemy to even more learners and experts around the world.

Naspers, a global internet and entertainment company with operations in 130 countries, is investing $60 million in Udemy. See the press release here. Why is this so exciting? Naspers has the local expertise to help us build our growing international presence and has made investments in internet companies, including Tencent and Flipkart, that 1.3 billion people worldwide already use. Naspers provides its portfolio companies with unmatched levels of international support, including strong business strategy expertise, operating experience, and access to on-the-ground resources in key expansion markets.

Today, more than 11 million students learn on Udemy, but there are 7 billion of us on earth, and we’ve reached a critical juncture in our global economy where everyone needs to embrace lifelong learning and take initiative for upskilling themselves . With 40,000 courses currently available in over 80 languages and new partnerships forming everywhere from Brazil to South Korea, Udemy intends to continue growing our huge, global community of students and instructors as far and wide as possible.

Our mission is to help anyone with a mobile device or internet connection and a desire to pursue a better life acquire the skills and knowledge they need to achieve their goals. With Naspers now on our team, we’re opening more doors to learning and helping more people everywhere build the life they imagine for themselves.

Dennis Yang
CEO of Udemy

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