Udemy CEO Dennis Yang delivers EdTalk at Global Education and Skills Forum

This past weekend, The Global Education and Skills Forum took place in Dubai, bringing together some of the industry’s brightest to discuss key challenges facing educators around the world. We were honored to have our CEO, Dennis Yang, take part and lead an inspiring EdTalk on new models that are transforming education.

The standing-room-only crowd of global educators, policy makers, and media heard Dennis explain how technology and globalization are transforming the world, yet traditional education hasn’t kept pace. He argues that while traditional education has remained largely unchanged, innovative models are emerging online to enable more people than ever to join the 21st-century global economy.

New marketplace models, such as Udemy, unlock the potential of experts around the world and empower them to share their knowledge with students everywhere. We’re redefining what it means to be a student and teacher. And we’re helping people anywhere gain the skills they need for the new economy. Dennis Yang, Udemy CEO

The event concluded with the prestigious Global Teacher Prize. We were especially excited for this portion of the program because one of our instructors, Elisa Guerra was among the finalists. Elisa founded Colegio Valle de Filadelfia in her hometown of Aguascalientes, Mexico. The school now offers both primary and secondary education and her model has been franchised to five new locations across Mexico City.

A Palestinian teacher, Hanan Al Hroub, from Samiha Khalil Secondary School in the West Bank city of al-Bireh took home the top honors, announced via video message from Pope Francis.

IMG_6485Udemy CEO Dennis Yang with Global Teacher Prize finalist and Udemy Instructor Elisa Guerra