Todd McCloud

Learning’s forward momentum

As a college professor, Todd McCloud has spent years connecting in person with thousands of students, helping them learn new technical skills to launch their careers. However, it was only once Todd picked up a camera to record his expertise in topics like web development, GitHub, and SQL that he learned how powerful a force education is in the world.

“Education allows us to build better lives and better societies.”
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After creating more than 20 Udemy courses, Todd has now reached over 475,000 learners worldwide. Recently, Atlassian approached Udemy to showcase the idea that behind every great human achievement, there is a team, teams like those at Udemy, who are working to improve lives through learning. This was the perfect opportunity to connect Todd to many of his learners and see firsthand how they’re improving their lives through learning. Education and the doors it unlocks for learners is, as Todd says, “one of the most powerful forces in humanity.”

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