Anthony Moss

A workplace that encourages the best version of yourself

For Anthony Moss, Learning and Development Manager at Investec in London, the goal of learning is to help individuals become the best versions of themselves, in work and their personal lives. Learning, he finds, allows people to ask themselves “What makes me tick?” Anthony finds that the growth mindset developed when striving towards one’s work learning goals has a clear connection to the growth achieved outside of work. 

Recently, Anthony built off the goalsetting and self-motivation skills he’s learned in his role to achieve a personal milestone. He not only ran and completed the 2023 London Marathon, but in doing so he also raised funds to support a year of operations for a food bank in South Africa. 

Anthony and his team prioritize the growth and development of Investec’s employees. They regularly analyze what skills people have or need to have in order to achieve one’s career goals and the company’s goals. Together with a strong learning culture and a learning partner like Udemy embedded into the organization, Investec has created a workplace where employees thrive.

“Udemy helps us create an environment where our people can be the best version of themselves.”

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