Udemy is proud and humbled to be the only educational technology company included in the Fortune 2020 Change the World List.

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Our Social Impact Partners

At Udemy, we’re humbled by the opportunity to open access to education, especially for those whose opportunities have historically been limited. To do this, we’ve partnered with a number of organizations. Below, you can learn more about these incredible partner organizations and the work we’re proud to do together.

  • The Last Mile (TLM) provides incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals access to resources to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving job market. Since partnering with Udemy in 2019, over 150 TLM learners have used Udemy to learn coding and workplace skills for successful reentry into the workforce.

  • AnnieCannons is dedicated to transforming survivors of human trafficking and gender-based violence into software engineers and entrepreneurs. By partnering with Udemy, AnnieCannons further enables students who have no prior development experience to learn data literacy, HTML, CSS, JavaScript , and more – and demonstrate mastery by the program’s end.

  • Upwardly Global helps eliminate the employment barriers skilled immigrants and refugees encounter when attempting to integrate into the U.S. workforce. Our partnership provides job seekers access to resources that will prepare them to pass industry-recognized certifications, including CompTIA A+, CCNA, PMP, and more.

  • SV Academy with Gainsight prepares tomorrow’s tech leaders for today’s jobs. By partnering with Udemy, over 1 million underrepresented customer success job-seekers will have access to the latest most in-demand educational resources to forge a successful career in the tech industry.

    Learn about Sasha’s journey – a graduate of SV Academy – and SV Academy with Gainsight’s new CS YOU graduate program that Udemy is proud to sponsor here.

Udemy Free Resource Center

Since Udemy’s founding over a decade ago, we’ve enabled our expert instructor community to create, host, and share over 15,000 free courses with students around the world. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched the Udemy Free Resource Center (UFRC), a space on Udemy.com where individual learners can find a curated collection of over 150 free Udemy courses to help people everywhere face new challenges and opportunities and do whatever comes next. Over 1.45 million people have enrolled in courses in the UFRC since we launched it in April 2020.

Go to the Free Resource Center

Initiatives Around the Globe

Udemy employees around the globe team together to work with various local organizations, with initiatives ranging from mentoring middle school students on future career paths to raising money for laptops to donate to refugee children in need of laptops to access their own education.