Inside Our New Brand



Educated in his village's one-room schoolhouse, Udemy founder Eren Bali never believed learning opportunities were finite. His drive and curiosity primed him for a life beyond the expected. And when he first got the internet, his life changed forever.



Instructor Colt Steele talks to our CEO Kevin Johnson about the new brand, what makes it unique, and how it will affect their community.



Our marketing and design leads reflect on how the brand came together, from strategy and research, to their biggest challenges and surprises. They share why a brand is much more than a logo or color.


Our color palette represents the rich diversity of our courses and global community. Our primary color, Durulova, is named after the small village where our story began. Secondary colors are named after emerging cities around the world.


Our brand promise

Our brand promise of "Be able" is our commitment to the world. We want everyone to feel empowered to achieve their goals, no matter where they started.

Be able

Rich Storytelling

Stories from both students and instructors reflect the diversity of people improving their lives through learning. In sharing, we inspire new stories to take root.

Our photography celebrates moments of achievement, not the perfect smile or pose.

Our design updates traditional education with contemporary editorial appeal.

Our voice and tone is confident and relatable for audiences all around the world.

Be able

We are so proud to share our new brand that your stories helped create.
This is an exciting next step, but as you change, so will we.
We can’t wait to see what you’ll be able to do.

Share Your #BeAble Moment