Top Udemy instructor course earnings

More than 12,000 everyday experts share their expertise on Udemy with more than 5 million students around the world. Today we’re excited to announce that the courses taught by our top 10 instructors have reached $17 million in earnings, demonstrating the growth of online education and the potential of our marketplace model.

Three of Udemy’s top instructor achievements include:

  • Rob Percival’s courses have reached nearly 120,000 students and exceeded $2.8 million in total earnings.
  • Victor Bastos has reached more than 52,000 Udemy students with his courses, which have earned nearly $900,000.
  • Alun Hill’s courses have been accessed by nearly 47,000 Udemy students and have earned about $650,000.

We’re excited to experience the Udemy marketplace continue to grow, and see both students seeking skills and also instructors with knowledge, benefit from the sharing of expertise.

For more on the news, read the full press release here.